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And there is so much history in the show. Some very famous Radio and TV actors such as Gale Gorden play prominent roles in the show.



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This has been a family tradition of ours since the 90s, and these can also be found on Youtube.

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The Cinnamon Bear, a Classic Holiday Radio Series!!!!

The Community Service committee invites you and all your little ones, to
our journey into an enchanted wonderland this Christmas!!

The story focused on a young Judy and Jimmy Barton who go to the magical
world of Maybeland. The silver star to their Christmas tree is tragically
missing! Their quest to recover their precious heirloom takes them on many
unpredictable adventures filled with lots of twists and turns while facing
colorful characters along the way! The pair cannot do it alone though,
helping with the search is a sassy stuffed bear with shoe-button eyes and a
green ribbon around his neck. They call him The Cinnamon Bear!

When: Friday, December 11th
Opening the Door: 4:45 p.m. EST
Showtime: 5:00 p.m. EST
Episodes: 13 & 14, 15 minutes each
Where: The NFB Ohio Zoom room

For those that missed episodes eleven and twelve, they are temporarily
available here:

Ohio Zoom Room:
One Tap Mobile: +1-646-876-9923
Pass Code: 4081850851#
Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/abdqTMSdcy

Live the Life You Want!

national federation of the Blind of Ohio
Community Service Committee
www.nfbohio.org <http://www.nfbohio.org> 

"I am filled with hope, energy, and love by participating in the National
Federation of The Blind because my expectations are raised, my
contributions make a
difference to me and to others, and I can celebrate the realization of my
dreams with my
Federation family"

Amazon device: Use your wake word to place a call to the Ohio Zoom room. If
you already have it saved as a contact, tell the device to call that
particular contact or ask it to dial your local Zoom number. Next are two
options, if you have the pass code saved as part of your dialing number,
wait for the device to enter it on your behalf. If you do not have it saved
as a contact, then, ask your device to press 4081850851#. Once in the room,
press the mute button on your device which is located across from the
action button (the button with a small dot). Press the same button a second
time to unmute it. To end the call, you will need to unmute your device and
ask it to hang up. Any questions, please call Maggie Stringer at

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