[NFB-Talk] NAGDU, and Guide Dogs, and flying, oh my! -- Follow-up regarding the form from the Department of Transportation

Raul A. Gallegos (NFB) rgallegos at nagdu.org
Mon Dec 21 18:10:09 UTC 2020

Hello everyone, thanks to those of you who submitted feedback regarding 
the accessibility and usability of the two PDF forms from the Department 
of Transportation.

I have collected everyone's comments and created a summary of the 
testing results and this will help us with communicating our feelings 
with the Department of Transportation regarding this form as it relates 
to flying with our guide dogs.

So this leads to what our feelings are. When I say, "our", I am 
referring to the general feelings of the National Association of Guide 
Dog Users Board of Directors along with comments from many of our 

In short, we are not okay with these forms. Not only do we feel that 
having to fill out these forms goes against the general philosophy of 
the National Federation of the Blind, but they also cause an extra 
burden for blind people that we don't agree with. Not all blind people 
have the necessary skill sets and equipment to independently fill out 
these forms, and not all blind people feel comfortable with the kind of 
information that is requested.

Right now I do not have further information as to how we are going to 
proceed, but I promise to communicate our progress as I am able. As 
always, you can always reach out to me by phone or email if you need to 
discuss this. You can also email the NAGDU board of directors in case 
someone other than me needs to respond. My address is either 
president at nagdu.org or rgallegos at nagdu.org. The board address is 
board at nagdu.org.

Thanks everyone.

Raul A. Gallegos
President: National Association of Guide Dog Users
First Vice President: National Federation of the Blind of Texas
832.554.7285  |  RGallegos at nagdu.org

"Blindness is a characteristic, not a handicap." -- Dr. Kenneth Jernigan

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