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Judy Jones sonshines59 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 16 21:55:29 UTC 2020

It was my understanding that the call-in numbers are  nationwide, and anyone
can call them.  The caller just needs the meeting access number, I think I
am correct on this.

I also have Free Conference Call, and I honestly don't see that much
difference in audio quality, unless you use headphones with a mic during the
call.  Others might have better ideas than this, thanks.


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I am wondering what people are using for conference calling these days? We
currently use freeconferencecall.com and are experiencing issues iwt hit. I
was looking at zoom, but it appears to be pricey if you wish to have the
ability for people to call into a meeting by phone unless I am reading
something wrong. We really need this feature as we have a few members who
only have access to a landline telephone. Just checking to see if others
are using zoom and what the costs are as well as other options. Thanks.
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