[NFB-Talk] civil disobedience question

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George Bernard Shaw: "Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world.
Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves. All progress,
therefore, depends on unreasonable people."

Positive change takes all kinds of methods and people.  Reasonable people
keep us grounded.  Unreasonable people make the impossible happen.
Sometimes, the only way forward transpires with confrontation and civil
disobedience.  The best advocacy is a relentless push for a desired outcome.
One begins in reasonable ways and elevates the tactics as necessary.  I
would not be too critical of those who behave in unreasonable ways,
especially if they have earned the right to be unreasonable.

Jim Marks
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I'm curious to know what my fellow NF members think of something. I am on
the board of a local organization here (not NFB or blindness related) and
some people from that organization decided to protest lack of wheelchair
access by totally disrupting the inauguration ceremony for new politicians,
to the point where they were arrested and almost charged with disorderly
conduct etc. As you can imagine this has sparked some controversy. I don't
want to get in to more detail here as I am on the board and we haven't
discussed things yet, but i'm just curious if anyone feels such militant
protests are ever justified? I am inclined to say no and definitely not in
this specific case for other reasons I won't get into here. This protest was
apparently enabled/aided by ADAPT which seems to be a very in your face
organization that is bad news in my opinion. It seems to me that such
protests can only hurt our cause. I think we must be careful to always
behave with dignity and be the adults in the room so to speak. Curious what
you all think.
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