[NFB-Talk] civil disobedience question

Jim blind.grizzly at gmail.com
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Really?  The self-determination of blind people is merely some detail?  Thing is, the NFB engaged and influenced the content of the ADA.  I am baffled why you keep dismissing self-determination and claiming the NFB did not support the ADA.  Where does such silliness come from?

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No, Jim, you don't oppose landmark legislation over some detail. You jump in and become part of the process. You make your organization so vital to the process that you can get others to back the changes you think are important.  You don't make the perfect  the enemy of the good. 
In fact, saying the ADA was good is a major understatement.

By the way, the NFB's rationale for opposing the ADA strikes me as crazy. There is no way for me to prove that any more than there is for you to prove its not. But it seems of a kin with the crazy rationales the NFB came up with to fight the ACB on accessible money, side with TV producers on discriptive video, and against the Access Board on accessible pedestrian signals.

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