[NFB-Talk] Creating a New Folder in Windows 10

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Open File Explorer and, if creating a new folder off the root go into the
root directory. Then push "ctrl+shift+n" which will open the "make new
folder" box. If creating a subfolder, go into the folder off which you want
to create the subfolder and, again, press "ctrl+shift+n".

Hope this helps. 

Best Regards,

Michael Hingson

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Good afternoon everyone,


                I know this is probably meant for the NFBCS list, but I am
not on that list, and do not plan to be. If someone could please tell me how
I can create a new folder or subfolder within a main folder in Windows 10, I
would really appreciate it. I have used Windows 10 while I telecommute from
home, but I have not had any need to create a new folder or subfolder. All I
need is the command how to do it, and I will be perfectly happy.


Thanks in advance.


Mary Donahue


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