[NFB-Talk] Play Station and XBOX

Michael Bullis bullis.michael at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 14:14:05 UTC 2020

Hello fellow NFB friends.
I see recently that the Play Station 5 has some new accessibility features
including 3d sound.  I would like to hear from any of you who play games on
the XBOX or the Play Station.  I'd buy one if there are things I could do
with it.  I have a couple of old Windows games-Alien Outback and Shades of
Doom which are excellent monster shooting games.  Not simple either.  But,
I'd love such games on a real gaming platform.
My email is bullis.michael at gmail.com <mailto:bullis.michael at gmail.com>  so
please reach out if you have information.
Thanks in advance for this community of thinkers and problem solvers.  I
can't tell you how often I wonder just how I'd function without all the
solutions provided to me over the years by my fellow blind colleagues
throughout the world.
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