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Tina Hansen th404 at comcast.net
Mon Nov 30 19:17:44 UTC 2020

That makes sense. While I have nothing against Facebook groups, I do think
it might be time to think about offering podcasts. One thing I've noticed is
that the other major blindness organization seems to have a leg up in this
space. I've also noticed that many blindness podcasts seem to be done by
agencies. The one exception is Blind Abilities which is one of the better


But I do wonder if it's time for our organization to make a dent in this
space. One thing I noticed in my research is that the Sound Solutions series
from the Braille Institute had a few dated remarks, especially when
referring to tape. It also seems to assume that some of the audience would
maintain their eyesight.


Another idea I've been floating around is whether or not there should be a
podcast targeted at a younger audience, maybe, high school and below.


I'm wondering: Could we have people from our training centers offer
something? I like the idea of, maybe, staff at our centers partnering up
with each other to produce something where concepts are described and
nonvisually demonstrated.


The Braille Institute series was highly scripted, but what if there was a
way to have something more realistic, maybe with the students and a center
instructor in dialog, sharing tips, ideas, and words of wisdom.


Since that series, technology has changed. Cassette tapes are no longer
commpnplace, and there are more options for labeling things around your


While I have nothing against You Tube, I feel a podcast would be easier to
work with, since we could share it with someone who is not comfortable with
technology. With You Tube, you'd need to be on the computer. But what if we
could inspire seniors to learn how to use the computer or smart phone as a
blind person?


These are some of the ideas floating around in my mind.


Unfortunately, I don't have all the technology I'd need to start a podcast.
So I thought I'd get the ball rolling with some dialog. I know we have a lot
of people in this organization who could do it, and I'd hate to have this
project depend on me to keep it going. I'm interested in the initial dialog,
but once we have something concrete and going, I can back off and let it
fly. But what I want to do is encourage the dialog, ask questions, and maybe
encourage people to think about how they can contribute.


Just my thoughts. How do we start, and how do we work with National? Thanks.

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