[NFB-Talk] CrazyRE: Did you attend a school for the blind?

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Hi, Mike,


Yes, I attended a school for the blind as a day student, off and on, when my
Air Force dad wasn't stationed overseas.  


When in Germany, there happened to be a blind school in our town, but there
was also the school for military dependents and I was present at both.


I still fell behind, and needed tutoring when back in the states, and got it
in the summer before the start of the next school year.


All total, I attended eight different schools, including college.


I ended up a classroom teacher for several years, then got into the
blindness field.





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This may be a crazy subject, but I'd like to do a Zoom presentation on this
soon to get peoples' experiences. Only if you're interested, please write
back with the word Crazy in the subject line and I'll keep track of your
email for our Zoom presentation.  I'd like to hear from people who felt they
benefitted by attending a blind school and those who didn't.


I'll give you 2 weeks from today to sign up.





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