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Hey all:

I love this topic. I did not attend a school for the blind, but I know many
who did. When I was young, I had really strong negative opinions of those
schools, and felt that my public school education served me better. Now that
I am older, and life has had it's twists and turns, I feel differently. I
can see the value in a school for the blind even though the academia may not
always have been the best. There are some social things that a public school
attendee misses out on by not going to a school for the blind. I don't know
if I'd be able to join the presentation unless it is held in the evening,
but it is a great topic. I could go on and on, Oh, I have. Lol



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This may be a crazy subject, but I'd like to do a Zoom presentation on this
soon to get peoples' experiences. Only if you're interested, please write
back with the word Crazy in the subject line and I'll keep track of your
email for our Zoom presentation.  I'd like to hear from people who felt they
benefitted by attending a blind school and those who didn't.


I'll give you 2 weeks from today to sign up.





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