[NFB-Talk] purrchasing a new IPHONE should I get one with or without a home button

Walter Mitchell walterl.mitch2 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 11:37:42 UTC 2020



As a provider of cell phones and service via Verizon, I suggest the IPhones
without the home button. Once you master the slide up to open the phone, it
is very similar to having a home button. It takes a little getting use to,
but the learning curve is very short. I am not real excited about the facial
recognition, because I put in my PIN more than I ever have, but I now
remember my code do to putting it in as much as I do now.


I upgraded from a 8 to an 11 around the first of September and is now
working my 11 as if I am a pro.



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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Good, Evening,:

Good, Evening, my name is Alexander Kaiser from new Jersey in the United
States. My IPHONE 7 black 256 gigabyte model broke and on Friday, I will be
going to the apple store near my area. Should I get the Green IPHONE 11 Pro
Max 512 gigabyte  model without a physical home button or an IPHONE SE2020
that has a physical home button? Which one would be most recommended to
purchase. I want too know which phone is easier to use as a totally blind
IPHONE user. Please let me know.


Alexander Kaiser 

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