[NFB-Talk] A few things about recent conversations on this list

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Fri Mar 26 00:26:31 UTC 2021

Hello to all:

I have been reading a lot of the conversations on this list as of late, and
here are my 2 cents for what they are worth.

As far as the Wal-Mart situation is concerned. The ADA does state that any
public place  is supposed to allow persons with disabilities (that includes
us) to have the same experience or accommodation as any other person. That
means that a store is actually required by Federal law to accommodate us
with shopping. I am not a law clerk, so that is all I will say on that other
than to state that if a blind person chooses to have a home care aid, or a
friend shop with them, that is their choice. We all make choices every day
that work for each of us, and one of the great things about being an adult,
is having the ability to make those choices and not be concerned with other
people's opinions.

In my household, we do not prefer to have a caregiver come in. We have good
luck shopping in stores, and can use services that are also available to the
sighted community for things like cleaning. I still work, and I don't mind
paying for a service that a sighted person also pays for. 

The last thing I'll say, is that we are all getting older. Perhaps a
caregiving type agency will work for some that may not work for others
because a 25 year old will have different needs and abilities than maybe a
65 year old.

And in fact, that was not my last comment. See what I did there? In regards
to the iPhone, I love mine, and I know many who do. I feel that a blind
person who does not have a smart phone of some  sort is really missing out
on a lot, but again, it all goes back to choice. Some folks just don't want
to be bothered, and if that is what they have decided, who are we to berate
them for it.

Ok, I am finally done. If you have read this far, thanks *smile*

All the best


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