[nfbwatlk] Family Fun Day At the Park

Kristina Lawrence tishgifts at gmail.com
Sun Aug 30 05:56:49 UTC 2009

Hello All,

I just want to take a quick moment and say a big THANK YOU to Ivan and
Kay Burrows who showed up and helped with the Family Fun Day at the
Park in Bremerton today. While the event may not have been as exciting
and active as we may have hoped, we did give out plenty of Braille
alphabet cards, books, taught a person or two the basics on Braille
and so forth. We stressed the importance of purchasing the Louis
Braille Coin and generally had a fun and relaxing afternoon.

One contact that was madw as the type of contact that makes an entire
day worthwhile no matter how many or few people you meet during the
day. We met a wonderful young lady, Genevia I think, who is dealing
with retinal detachment and tears. She is 14 and very poised. Lots of
personal sparkle and very open to figuring things out. We gave her
literature, braille alphabet cards and most important time. We told
her about Youth SLAMS, summer "camps" and so much fun stuff that is
happening around the NFB for young kids. We told her about the
convention and the web page. She took all the information and left
with a beautiful smile on her face. She and her family did not know
that we were going to be there, they were just at the park for the
day. I hope that she will contact us. She was leary of giving us her
contact information, and I totally understood that. But we gave her
ours and I believe that she will look it up.

Look for more fun and interesting things happening in the Kitsap
County area as well as around the state.

Thanks again for all those who helped out.

Kris Colcock
President, NFBW Greater Seattle Chapter

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