[nfbwatlk] Convention Impressions

Robert Sellers robertsellers500 at comcast.net
Wed Jul 15 08:05:24 UTC 2009

Hi Listers,

As usual there was plenty to do and never having enough time to do
everything one wants to do. 

Although the shorten  convention probably saved money, I would have liked
that extra day. Wendsday afternoon off was missed. I often would use that
time to  browse more in the exhibit hall, I think some of the meetings might
have been spread out more, giving more opportunity to to learn more.
There was never lack of something to do. A good aspect of the convention was
there seemmed to be a large group of first timers. Congradulations to  Lily
and Annie.
I am impressed by the NFB Newsline online. I was able to attend a session,
in which, renee did an excellent job in describing the features of the

 The big downer for me was the 2 politicians. Unless it is blindness related
I don't think our convention floor is the place for political agendas.
Regardless if it is a Republican or a Democrat. I suppose, Dr. Mourer is
caught between a rock and a hard place. The game of 'you scratch my back and
I'll scratch yours" occurs....   

Before the story gets enhanced or twisted, when Kaye Kipp,  KB and I went
out to dinner, to a location I recommended, I was not aware that the
upstairs  had been a beaudello. 

One of the highlights of the week for me is the awarding of our scholarships
to blind students. Our scholarship program is one of the best programs we
offer. My opinion. 

The Clark County Chapter's candy bar sale was a success. I sold my two boxes
(with help of Kaye), Kaye sold her box and I believe Don sold his box, also.

I didn't see any new teckie item that jumped out and made me say "Wow". Did
anyone else see anything that super impressed them? Or made them say "I
can't live without that.".

Overall I thought it was a good and informative convention.

I think it would be useful and beneficial  if we could share contents, tips,
tricks, etc.  from  meetings we attended. What we learned, how we might
apply it here in Washington. What say you?

Bob Sellers


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Hi, all.

Anyone care to give their impressions of convention?

Mike Freeman

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