[nfbwatlk] convention 2009 impressions

Maria Bradford mtbradford at qwest.net
Sat Jul 18 21:00:06 UTC 2009

Hi Everyone,
I really enjoyed the convention this year. The speakers were great! I appreciated the congressmen. I think their responses pointed out the reasons for continuing public education regarding what it means to be blind. I was able to take part in the march this year rather than having to go on the van. I found a Ups volunteer, and he assisted me in pushing my chair on the route. 
I was elected to the board of directors for the diabetic Action network once again! took part in the insolin pen study, and used an insolin pen for the first time. 
The general sessions were thought-provoking. I plan to contact Denise Robinson. Central Washington's blind children are truly fortunate to be able to learn from such a great teacher. I am so glad that Braille instruction is so important to her. 
The banquet address was tremendous. President Maurer addressed a situation that is occurring in this area. The fact that we are facing a public who feels we are "broken!" That will be a challenge to work with for all of us. 
Lastly, I love that cholocolate coing I hope Ms. Robinson will be invited to the upcoming state convention in October.  contact Denise Robinson. 

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