[nfbwatlk] Acquiring your ORCA card

Kay Burrows theladykathryn4one at juno.com
Thu Feb 4 19:22:38 UTC 2010

On January 27th I was at a Joint meeting of  Metro's two advisory groups and
the CEO of Metro, Kevin Desmond , was there for a little over an hour.  One
of the issues that was discussed with him was  the effect of the poor
planning for disabled persons and seniors to get their new ORCA cards. He
freely admitted the process was poorly thought out and executed.  He
promised that the ORCA card subscribers that are disabled or seniors, would
be sorted out from the huge lines and taken to an auxiliary  location within
the 2nd and Jackson facility where there would be chairs available and the
lines would be shorter.  He admitted many errors and promised involvement
with the disabled and senior communities to consult and inform  before any
major change affecting these groups would be implimentted in the future.. If
all you use is Metro and Metro only you will not need an Orca card.  Just
this piece of information would have reduced the lines.  The time for
getting a free ORCA card has been extended as a result of all the problems
expensed in January.  


Hopefully those of you who need to get your ORCA card at 2nd and Jackson
will find the changes to be in effect and the process to be less than an
hour and much much easier.  Mr. Desmond did promise notification of the
correct and newer process in a very prompt manner.

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