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This is awesome. 

Les Fitzpatrick
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Hi, all!

I haven't said much until now because in a volatile legislative atmosphere
such as this, it pays to be cautious as one never knows whether or not
objectionable bills will be resurrected and tacked onto other legislation.
We (NFBW) have taken advantage of this tactic more than once. Luckily,
however, there are requirements in the Washington state legislature that all
provisions of bills be germane to the major thrust of a bill so while such
funny-business does happen, it's rarer than at the Federal level, especially
during a short session.

All of which is to say that I believe it's appropriate to quietly celebrate.
In all likelihood, we have protected the status of the Washington State
School for the Blind and the Department of Services for the Blind as
separate state agencies this year.

Having said this, however, we must be ever-vigilant. That is the price of
good government. But, ladies and gentlemen, I think we've done it. Hurrah
for collective action.

In the NFB, however, it seems our work is never done! Now we must see what
we can do to restore at least some of WTBBL's funding. I shall have more to
say about this in the coming days.

Congratulations, all!

Mike Freeman, President
National Federation of the Blind of Washington

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> Subject: Just hung up from talking with Lou Oma Durand
> Hi All,
> Lou Oma called me a few minutes ago and among other things, told me that
her contact in the governor's office said the bill appears dead for this
> She also said that she and her management team have been working hard to
ensure that the $100 thousand will not be taken from the Older Blind
Program.  At this point in time she believes that this is pretty firm.  
> Lou Oma was very pleased with our meeting with Susan Dryefus, DSHS
secretary.  She feels that we've made great strides toward a better working
relationship.  Although I was on the telephone, which is not conducive to
getting a good first-hand impression, I found Susan to be sincere in her
desire to work together for the good of our participants.  We agreed to
respect our differing positions regarding the location of Services for the
Blind, and not become embroiled in personal attacks.  
> All in all I feel we have made progress in future working relations.  
> Carl
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