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Your problem is not, based on your description of your 
circumstance, solely, or even largely, one of blindness; it is 
instead one of your legal status in the country.  Vocational 
rehabilitation services can generally be given to non-citizens, 
since no requirement of citizenship is necessary to gain support, 
but this is a somewhat vague area of the law, contingent on how 
empathetic the rehabilitation administrators are toward providing 
assistance to non-citizens.  During these tight budgetary times, 
it is probably fashionable to be hostile toward immigrants.

I can help you identify an attorney that can assist you in 
determining if any steps exist to help you get a more permanent 
status in the United States.  Whether this can be achieved will 
be determined by a variety of factors, including how you were 
brought to this country and whether you have relations with 
someone able and willing to sponsor your admission.  If you want 
this lawyer's name that I know who manages immigration concerns, 
write me privately at the contact details below in my signature 
block.  Until your immigration status is resolved, despite how 
frightening the prospect of dealing with this matter might be, 
you will be unable to get a Social Security Number, an INS 
number, or green card.  Until these matters are resolved, you 
will be challenged to gain federal financial assistance for 
school or gain access to other sources of aid.  This is as much 
general detail as I am prepared to offer in public; if you want 
advocacy support at a more individual level, you should contact 
me privately in order to secure your right to confidentiality.

Good luck in your effort.  Your resolve, if it is genuine, should 
be to your advantage.

With Kind Regards,

Daniel B.  Frye
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>To Whom It may Concern:
>     I am a regular blind high school student and I am a senior.
>I attend Eisenhower High School in Yakima, WA.  I want to get
>scholarships and also I would like to get services and attend
>transition programs that would help me be independent and a
>successful adult.  Today I turn 19 years old, and I am planning 
>maybe graduate this year.
>     However, I arrived to the U.S.  four years ago and I am not 
>legal resident/immigrant.  I currently live in the state of
>Washington and they say they cannot help me because I don't have
>a Social Security Number.  I can't apply for any financial aid
>because of the same issue.  In addition, just exactly two years
>ago I tried to attend a program that helps blind students with
>Orientation and Mobility (O&M), get independent and competent,
>and also get a job.  This was the YES program or Bridge program
>(not sure which one exactly it is).  This program was offered to
>me during the summer time.  So, just when I was filling out the
>application I come across the "social Security" question, and
>this totally put a big huge gate in front of me and I can't open
>it so far.  I mean, I totally missed the boat.  It was a good
>opportunity.  I would like to be able to do these things in my
>life and expand my horizons farther; open my wings to fly in
>     If there is any information regarding programs and services,
>scholarships to get higher education, and any type of aid I can
>get without a social security number, I would like to know.  Any
>comments on this are welcome.  And as I said, I am going to be
>successful in life and I'm not going to give up.  I want to be a
>totally independent blind adult, live and work successfully, and
>get a career.  Thanks.

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