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Hello Dan,
Thank you for your help. Yes, I need more information about 
advocacy individually. I am emailing you from the email address I 
use regularly to connect with my Braille Note when I'm not at 
home, and I can give you my home email address:
hum4avila71 at fastmail.fm
 Sincerely yours, Humberto.

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>Your problem is not, based on your description of your
>circumstance, solely, or even largely, one of blindness; it is
>instead one of your legal status in the country.  Vocational
>rehabilitation services can generally be given to non-citizens,
>since no requirement of citizenship is necessary to gain support,
>but this is a somewhat vague area of the law, contingent on how
>empathetic the rehabilitation administrators are toward providing
>assistance to non-citizens.  During these tight budgetary times,
>it is probably fashionable to be hostile toward immigrants.

>I can help you identify an attorney that can assist you in
>determining if any steps exist to help you get a more permanent
>status in the United States.  Whether this can be achieved will
>be determined by a variety of factors, including how you were
>brought to this country and whether you have relations with
>someone able and willing to sponsor your admission.  If you want
>this lawyer's name that I know who manages immigration concerns,
>write me privately at the contact details below in my signature
>block.  Until your immigration status is resolved, despite how
>frightening the prospect of dealing with this matter might be,
>you will be unable to get a Social Security Number, an INS
>number, or green card.  Until these matters are resolved, you
>will be challenged to gain federal financial assistance for
>school or gain access to other sources of aid.  This is as much
>general detail as I am prepared to offer in public; if you want
>advocacy support at a more individual level, you should contact
>me privately in order to secure your right to confidentiality.

>Good luck in your effort.  Your resolve, if it is genuine, should
>be to your advantage.

>With Kind Regards,

>Daniel B.  Frye
>Office: (410) 659-9314, Ext 2208
>Mobile: (410) 241-7006
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>>To Whom It may Concern:
>>     I am a regular blind high school student and I am a senior.
>>I attend Eisenhower High School in Yakima, WA.  I want to get
>>scholarships and also I would like to get services and attend
>>transition programs that would help me be independent and a
>>successful adult.  Today I turn 19 years old, and I am planning
>>maybe graduate this year.
>>     However, I arrived to the U.S.  four years ago and I am not
>>legal resident/immigrant.  I currently live in the state of
>>Washington and they say they cannot help me because I don't have
>>a Social Security Number.  I can't apply for any financial aid
>>because of the same issue.  In addition, just exactly two years
>>ago I tried to attend a program that helps blind students with
>>Orientation and Mobility (O&M), get independent and competent,
>>and also get a job.  This was the YES program or Bridge program
>>(not sure which one exactly it is).  This program was offered to
>>me during the summer time.  So, just when I was filling out the
>>application I come across the "social Security" question, and
>>this totally put a big huge gate in front of me and I can't open
>>it so far.  I mean, I totally missed the boat.  It was a good
>>opportunity.  I would like to be able to do these things in my
>>life and expand my horizons farther; open my wings to fly in
>>     If there is any information regarding programs and services,
>>scholarships to get higher education, and any type of aid I can
>>get without a social security number, I would like to know.  Any
>>comments on this are welcome.  And as I said, I am going to be
>>successful in life and I'm not going to give up.  I want to be a
>>totally independent blind adult, live and work successfully, and
>>get a career.  Thanks.

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