[nfbwatlk] Greater Seattle Elections Results

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Mon Feb 22 03:48:25 UTC 2010

Congratulations to our new Seattle chapter board.  I would 
ordinarily, as editor of our national magazine, wait to receive 
notice of chapter elections from the secretary of any given local 
organization to publish in the Braille Monitor Miniatures 
section, but, since I know you all so well, I'm just going to 
take the liberty of publishing these results.  If any one objects 
to having these results published for some reason I can't 
contemplate, please let me know.  I'm glad to see the chapter is 
in good hands.  Best wishes.

Daniel B.  Frye
Office: (410) 659-9314, Ext 2208
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Hello All,

Well, yesterday at the Seattle Chapter meeting, we had a great 
We discussed state and national legislation issues, what is 
with the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library and touched 
on a
few other topics.  We had a good turnout of members and Mike 
was also able to attend the meeting.  At the end of the meeting, 
we had
our annual elections which had been delayed by a month.  The new
Seattle Chapter board looks like this:

President, Mike Mello
1rst VP: Rita Szantay
2nd VP: Noel Nightingale
Treasurer: Doug Johnson
Secretary: Kay Burrows
Board Member #1: Kris Colcock
Board Member #2: James Jenney

Congratulations to all.  I thank the Seattle Chapter  for the
recognition for past service.  I have had a wonderful time 
serving as
the President of the Seattle Chapter.  The organization has 
helped me
understand the importance of quality leadership, how to be an
effective leader (and that we never stop learning how to improve 
skills), the importance of the blind speaking and standing up for
themselves and the true and deep friendships that I have.  I know 
Mike Mello will be a good leader for the Seattle Chapter.  He has
experience as a chapter president and has the energy and 
that we need as a chapter.  I look forward to serving on the 
Chapter board under Mike's leadership.  This should prove to be 
exciting new year for the Greater Seattle Chapter of the NFBW.

Kris Colcock
Board Member, NFBW Greater Seattle Chapter <grin

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