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Best Buy has an exciting Louisville KY opportunity that needs your attention 
to locate a great candidate.  It is specific in working with employees with 
disabilities and the provider network.  This is a huge milestone for Best 
Buy and your assistance would be most appreciated in cascading this to your 
impressive network.

AccessAbilities Coordinator - Distribution Center - Louisville,
(currently referred to as Employee Advocate, but title will change)

Job Description

The AccessAbilities Coordinator will report to the Distribution Center 
Director, and will provide a supportive/consultation role in all areas 
relating to the employment and retention of individuals with disabilities 
within the Center.  This role will entail creation and execution of 
practices for: recruitment, employee advocacy, facilitation, conducting and 
analyzing employment-related accommodation requests, and alternate duty 
explorations in a timely manner consistent with ADA laws, and established 
Best Buy policies and procedures.

This person will be instrumental in the creation and the implementation of 
the organizations business objectives around the diversity strategy. 
Individual must be able to create and develop tactical and strategic 
alliances through networking, business partnerships and collaborative 
relationships with community organizations and/or community service 

Key Responsibilities:
Consult, collaborate and provide direction around ADA and risk management 
policies and regulations.
Promotes strategies to increase culturally appropriate internal and external 
practices including employment searches and selections, public relations, 
strategic planning, advertising, employee relations and vendor relations.
Works in partnership to develop manager training and hiring programs.

*Relocation is not available for this position.

Basic Qualifications:
*        Bachelors Degree in HR or related Voc Rehab field
*        At least 3 years of functional areas of HR or related field, 
including Recruiting, Compensation, Policy Design, Labor Relations, 
Diversity, Performance Management and Career Development.
*        At least 3 years of providing accommodation assessment and 
vocational rehab services to employers.
*        Proficient MS Software skills:  (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Preferred Qualifications:
*        Masters Degree
*        At least 2 years vocational, occupational, or medical case 
management experience with handling of caseloads.

Full job description and application:
Jodi Julseth
Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion Programs; Disability Initiatives
EBN Founder,  INCLUDE - Focus on Abilities, not Disabilities
Office    612-291.7682
Mobile   612-328-1272

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