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FYI.  Hope this will be useful for some of you.


Bob Sellers




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Hello Federationists,


   I have created two web pages on my writing business website devoted
entirely to generating state and national interest in saving Department of
Services for the Blind. (I apologize that I was unable to design this site
to be accessible. It's the best I could do by myself without money or
technology experience. There are a couple of tiny format glitches, but it's
better than nothing at all, right)? If you are unable to read the webpage
with a screen reader, PLEASE pass it on to your sighted friends in
Washington and outside of our state too. Also, will someone please forward
this email to the WA state listserve (I'm not on it) and any national


   As of this morning I had already received 150 visitors to the web page
(that I put up yesterday) and several emails telling me they had responded
to the call and emailed our governor. Every letter we put in our governor's
inbox substantially increases the likelihood of retaining DSB as a separate


   The first screen of the webpage is the sales pitch telling how taxpayers
will save money by helping us save DSB. Two links are provided (one in the
left column of the screen and one on the right) that will direct you to a
page containing links to the "contact the governor" page of her site, links
to "finding your legislator" by typing in your address, "contacting
representatives", and a link that makes writing to every newspaper in the
state of Washington a snap! For researchers, two additional links include
LouOma's letter about DSB outcomes and a compare and contrast statement I
wrote comparing DSB outcomes and DVR outcomes that includes a direct link to
the governor's website backing up my numbers. 


    And, to make it super easy to get active, there are links to
cut-and-paste letters you can send to the governor so no work is required
(It would really be nice to add some original letters with your own
perspective but feel free to copy mine as is, or use pieces. ANY
correspondence will help! Please take just a few moments to lobby for what
you believe in! 


Below are two links. The first link is to the SAVE DSB website I created. If
you are unable to access this adequately with a screen reader, this email
also contains a direct link to the governors contact page. Click on it, fill
out your name and address, and write a few words in the space provided. FIVE
MINUTES FOLKS to save DSB-Please participate and pass the word!








Joanne Laurent 

Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist

If you can't learn it, I'm not teaching it right!

 <http://www.blindcoach.com/> www.blindcoach.com


Highest Expectations Travel and Adaptive Skills Instruction for the Blind

P.O. Box 586 Ariel, WA 98603

(360) 231-4597 



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