[nfbwatlk] Testimony on SB6491

Prows, Bennett (HHS/OCR) Bennett.Prows at HHS.GOV
Thu Jan 21 15:18:38 UTC 2010



I echo Dan Frye's praise of you and your testimony.  Can't say it as
articulately as he has done, (no wonder he's the editor of the Braille
Monitor), so here's my take.  

...Damn Mike that was good!!! I'm sending this to my Senator to make
sure he reads the testimony he didn't get to hear from you yesterday.
And, to others as well.


I think you ought to post it, in text form, on all relevant lists,
political sites, etc, you have access to.  (See what I mean about
sentence structure.)  Others on this list can post on their favorite
lists as well.  If nothing else, it is educational.  







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