[nfbwatlk] Fw: [Fw: Senate Bill 6491 - Transferring the stateschool forthe blind and the state center for childhooddeafness andhearing loss to the office of the superintendentof publicinstruction.

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I'm glad you will be there and I hope you will be able to present your 
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the office of the superintendentof publicinstruction.

Fellow NFBW members:

As you see, the message below comes from the Washington Council of the Blind 
and is, in turn, a forwarded message announcing a public meeting on SB-6491, 
the bill to place WSSB under OSPI. It may be inconvenient for you to make 
the meeting/hearing which will be held at ten o'clock in the morning on 
Saturday, January 23, in Hearing Room A in the John L. OBrien Building on 
the Capital campus in Olympia. I will be there representing the NFB of 
Washington and opposing the bill (maybe I'll get to read my testimony then). 
But others (including, most especially, parents) are encouraged to come if 
possible. I realize this is short notice (some senators and representatives 
put this together) so I am not trying to organize a mass effort. But if 
anyone isn't doing anything else and can get there and raise a rumpus 
against the bill, by all means consider it. But rest assured I'll be there 
to carry the flag.

Mike Freeman, President
NFB of Washington

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blind and the state center for childhood deafness andhearing loss to the 
office of the superintendent of publicinstruction.

>From Rick Hauan and Jane Mulholland....

Important:  Please send this information out using your dissemination lists 
that were used to announce the stakeholder meetings.

This morning the Senate Committee on Early Learning and K-12 Education heard 
SB 6491-the bill from the Governor's office that would move WSD and WSSB 
under OSPI.  According to the  report we heard, a number of people from both 
the deaf and blind communities attended and  testified against the bill. 
No one testified in support of the bill.

Kathleen Drew from the governor's office indicated the two reasons for the 
bill were cost efficiency and improved government service to the public. 
She said that they expect cost efficiencies, but it will take time to 
identify them.  The fiscal note that has been prepared refers to $14 million 
dollars (the cost of the two schools), but Drew stated that was not savings 
but rather simply a transfer from the current budget position to OSPI.  She 
said that both schools need to be integrated more fully into the K-12 
service delivery system in order to better serve all deaf and blind 
students.  The transfer would help to do that she said

The Governor's office is hosting a public forum this Saturday, January 23, 
2010, in Olympia from 10:00 a.m. - noon.  It will be in Hearing Room "A" of 
the John L. O'Brien Building on the Capitol Campus.  Interpreters will be 
provided.  Anyone interested in expressing an opinion on SB6491 is welcome 
to attend.  We are providing information about the public meeting to WSD 
parents and stakeholders, and you may feel free to pass this on to 
interested persons.

Here is the link to SB6491: 


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