[nfbwatlk] Video Contest - Win $1, 000 and a trip to Washington DC!

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Subject: Video Contest - Win $1,000 and a trip to Washington DC!

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Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the ADA with the
American Dream Video Contest

The National Disability Institute (NDI) is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act with a national video contest.  The contest, "Economic Empowerment - Defining the New American Dream," is open to all persons with disabilities.  Participants create a three-minute video describing their American Dream and how they are working to achieve that dream - whether it is to buy a home, advance their education or start a business.  The winner (chosen by public vote on NDI's YouTube and Facebook pages) will receive $1,000 and a trip to Washington DC for a showing of the video at the annual Washington Press Club kick-off of NDI's Real Economic Impact Tour.  All entries must be received by August 13th, 2010.

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Washington Access Fund client, Michael Duffy

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To learn more about NDI rules and guidelines, visit the contest website:  http://dream.realeconomicimpact.org/<http://e2ma.net/go/6743878788/208264172/214648461/1404208/goto:http:/dream.realeconomicimpact.org/>.  Questions should be directed to mydream at ndi-inc.org<mailto:mydream at ndi-inc.org>.

The Washington Access Fund is encouraging participation by Washington residents!  If you are a Washington resident, please email a link to your YouTube posting to info at washingtonaccessfund.org<mailto:info at washingtonaccessfund.org>.

But please first submit your entry to NDI by the August 13th deadline!

We are especially interested in how assistive technology or self-employment are helping you achieve your dreams!   We will provide a link to the top submissions from our website!

100 South King Suite 280 | Seattle, Washintgon 98104 US

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