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            I imagine this will go up on the NABL list as well, but
thought some might be interested here too.




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Subject: 2011 Jacobus tenBroek Disability Law Symposium


Dear Friend:


I am pleased to announce that plans are well underway for the 2011
Jacobus tenBroek Disability Law Symposium, "Bridging the Gap between the
Civil Rights Movements and the Disability Rights Movement."  The 2011
symposium will be co-hosted by the National Federation of the Blind
Jernigan Institute and the American Association of People with


Mark your calendar to attend the Jacobus tenBroek Disability Law
Symposium at the National Federation of the Blind Jernigan Institute on
April 14-15, 2011.  The symposium will conclude at approximately 12:30
PM on Friday, April 15.


Be sure to visit the law symposium Web page at
<http://www.nfb.org/nfb/Law_Symposium.asp>  during the coming months for
agenda, registration, and hotel information.  You will also find links
to recordings of the 2008, 2009, and 2010 symposia on this Web page.  


The proceedings of the 2010 Jacobus tenBroek Disability Law Symposium,
held this past April, will be published by the Burton Blatt Institute.
Additional information on availability of the proceedings will be
included on the symposium Web page in the near future.  To view online
the full text articles from the 2008 symposium volume or to purchase the
2009 symposium volume, go to the Texas Journal on Civil Liberties and
Civil Rights Web site at:


I look forward to seeing you on April 14-15, 2011 at the Jacobus
tenBroek Disability Law Symposium.  Be sure to save the date!


With best regards,


Lou Ann






Lou Ann Blake, J.D.

Law Symposium Coordinator

Jacobus tenBroek Library

Jernigan Institute


200 East Wells Street

    at Jernigan Place

Baltimore, MD 21230

Telephone: (410) 659-9314, ext. 2221

Fax: (410) 659-5129

E-mail: lblake at nfb.org <mailto:lblake at nfb.org> 

Web site: www.nfb.org <http://www.nfb.org/> 


Please support the innovative programs of the NFB Jernigan Institute.
Find out how you can help change what it means to be blind by going to
my Race for Independence Web page at
pg=personal&fr_id=1070> .


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