[nfbwatlk] {Disarmed} FW: Final Vote on Bus Cuts on Mon. 8/15

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Wed Aug 10 05:57:12 UTC 2011


Dear Friend -

Your support for saving King County Metro has made a huge difference. More
than 8,200 people signed our SignOn petition to save our buses, and more
than 14,000 total signed letters or petitions. The testimony at the 7/26
hearing was fantastic, and we didn't lose! But we also haven't won yet...

We need six of nine councilmembers to vote in favor of the two-year stop-gap
measure to save our buses. We have the support of 5 members, but the sixth
has been elusive.

The King County Council was set to vote on the matter that day. Luckily,
thanks to the thousands of people who voiced their support, the four
remaining councilmembers -- all Republicans -- agreed to take three more
weeks to seriously consider the the measure.

Now, we must double-down. This is our last chance to save our buses from
devastating 17% cuts that will significantly hurt 4 out of 5 riders. Though
I started this petition as an individual, I've learned that many
professionals are working on this and related issues under the umbrella of
the Transportation for Washington campaign. Here's what they recommend:

First, please send your own personal letter to the King County
Councilmembers. There are no more opportunities for public testimony, so
calling or sending another letter is the best way to remind them of our
arguments. Feel free to edit or add personal details.
14> Click here to send your letter.

Next, pack the meeting on Monday, August 15. 
questionnaire_KEY=608> here to RSVP.

Finally, we need volunteers to help petition, phonebank, write letters to
newpaper editors, and enter data.
Email Brock Howell, field director of Transportation 4 WA, at
brock at futurewise.org to volunteer.

Thanks again for your support. Your dedication to the betterment of our
society and planet warms my heart.
Together we can save our buses. Stay strong & don't give up!

Peace to all of you,

Julia Deak



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