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Assistive Technology Fair

Join us for one on one demonstrations of the latest in technology: screen enlargement and reading software, scanners, personal readers, closed circuit television devices, and so much more.

Implementation of assistive technology in one's everyday life can have an empowering impact!

Adaptive devices and products from the SightConnection store will also be available at this forum. Perfect opportunity to purchase some of our latest products, such as our 2012 Large Print Wall Calendar.

Come to learn how the Assistive Technology Fair can benefit you.


August 24, 2011


10:00 am-2:00 pm


Kent Commons Community Center

Rainier Room

525 Fourth Ave N

Kent, WA 98032

No cost to attend

Unable to attend, but want to learn more about how assistive technology can benefit you...please email events at SightConnection.org<mailto:events at SightConnection.org>

And if you want that 2012 calendar to start planning ahead...visit our store online at www.sightconnection.com<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=xvovczbab&et=1107275069150&s=3432&e=001IKV-HhT6c2aLjm2MuiyYHcTzy9ary7xOtJEqW4gDiZ4CAB74QMv2WjIP4gvkXSguCn18T7wd8EAUv1mhffuKP4FjipZSj69prVqmEzm3rKaqJ0x4WWYcgg==>

Share the Vision Walkathon

support the local community

Join SightConnection for Share the Vision Walkathon!

Only 39 more days until our first annual walkathon!

If you haven't signed up to support this event yet, do so today!  We've raised only 22% of our goal thus far.

Share the Vision Walkathon is a fun, family and dog friendly event designed for all levels of walkers.

By participating in Share the Vision Walkathon either as a walker, team captain, volunteer or donor, you are helping support thousands of individuals in our community whose lives are impacted by vision loss.

Simply register as an individual walker, a team captain or a team member and share the vision!

For more information and to register, please visit our event website.  Click Here <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=xvovczbab&et=1107275069150&s=3432&e=001IKV-HhT6c2YO5PtDdFenKR3bUd7UyecSiXYaoIUFCodQ4ltgm1drBQ7oq5DCxs5VtGMwzcSIteN2iBYUzU03RyE7jYPQfjgT-PvRJi8HsRF4OaT3fu_opRQ45ROevLLqLfYl2OR7CmQ=>

Don't want to register online?  Call us on (206) 525-5556 or email  events at SightConnection.org<mailto:events at SightConnection.org>

Event Details


Saturday, October 1, 2011


9:00 am - 2:00 pm


Warren G. Magnuson Park

Sand Point Way NE & NE 65th ST
Seattle, WA

We hope you join SightConnection as we raise awareness, funds and support for those impacted in our local community by vision loss!

Unable to attend?  Please consider a donation to support this event by clicking here. <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=xvovczbab&et=1107275069150&s=3432&e=001IKV-HhT6c2YR0gY3WUrt21hg6pKi7ww3-oR1hra-fxmne-7FsLdmJ3OWsAaCV0EY7AU90TvUwap2xBkiHlywfqp5dF47t9-IfQNzFzxMNTAGyAdbfSufSiK_0LKaRKaNsBL7utZi9ibh_EoPUZul73nI05_X5wdJAj6lhEDrlRsopCOfpeiy1YRpabNxLSpLF4CJlAowtHQ-B_vWWd7LLo9LVTgRiMo3>





Form a Team

With each step we can improve lives!

"To enhance the ability of people with vision loss to lead active, independent lives."

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