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	For those of you who know Joseph.


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Hey everyone,

Three weeks ago I felt some pain in my leg, the opposite side from 
the tumor in my back/side.  A scan showed something very small, but 
definitely solid.  The doctor removed it and did a biopsy, given my 
history.  Preliminarily, it looked like another sarcoma, so they cut 
some margin tissue out as well.  It was so small that a week later, 
I've all but recovered from the surgery.

I've waited to write to everyone until the pathology report came 
back, and it did tonight.  It was a sarcoma, and the margins are 
clear.  This will mean another round of radiation, and I suspect I'll 
be told Tuesday that chemotherapy is not considered optional this 
time around.

The last time around, my whole life was put on hold for several 
months.  That was mostly because I was still recovering from surgery 
during the radiation.  I don't know how I'll react to chemotherapy, 
but I'm told that generally it isn't going to be pleasant.

Metastasized soft tissue sarcomas have a statistically high mortality 
rate.  One study says 73% within six years.  They are considered to 
be stage 4, but people can and do survive them.  My lungs were clear 
in October; it's a good sign if they still are.  And though we cannot 
prove the negative, it is possible that this new tumor resulted 
either from metastasis of the original to this and only this 
location, or that it is what they call a second primary tumor.  
Either of those make the clear margins very important.

We'll know more after Tuesday, hopefully.  I'm praying for the best, 
and would welcome prayers from others as well.

Thanks everyone,


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