[nfbwatlk] Radio buttons in iPhone using voice over

Sanjana Prasain pras5181 at uw.edu
Mon Jan 31 21:25:53 UTC 2011


I am student at University of Washington, Seattle, and I am currently
working on the accessibility research project  that involves providing real
time bus arrival information and crowd-sourcing of information of bus-stops
like the presence of shelter, benches, trash cans etc around, and currently
we are working on iPhone and planning to deploy this as an app.

For that purpose, I had a question about the voice over. When I was using
this app with the voice-over, I seem to find links and buttons better than
the radio button. Is that the way it normally is or is it because of my less
experience with the voice-over? Is there a general preference of one over
the other? I would very greatly appreciate your reply!

Thank you,

Sanjana Prasain | Computer Science | University of Washington, Seattle |
(206) 604 2030

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