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Android apps

Code Factory Releases Two Standalone Accessible Apps for Android: Web
Browser & Music Player

More Accessible Apps from Code Factory available through the Android Market

Terrassa (Barcelona), Spain, July 13th, 2011

Code Factory has once again listened to its users and, based on the huge
demand, has decided to release Mobile Accessibility’s Web Browser as a
standalone accessible app available through the Android Market. In addition,
Code Factory also brings users an accessible Music Player which will allow
you to play audio files in an accessible way.

“Since the first beta of Mobile Accessibility, the Web Browser has been the
most appreciated app. The verdict is unanimous, Mobile Accessibility Web
Browser is great! It is a fantastic tool which gives you a web experience
very similar to what you are used to with your PC screen reader,” explained
Eduard Sánchez, Code Factory’s CEO.  “So far, the Web Browser is head and
shoulders above anything else on Android,” stated an Android blind user.
Eduard added: “There is a very good explanation for that. Mobile
Accessibility’s Web Browser is based on the 7 years of technology in our
Mobile Speak Symbian web browser. We would never have reached this level of
quality so quickly without the work we’ve done in Symbian”.

The Web Browser and the Music Player are standalone applications, which
means that you don’t need to have Mobile Accessibility to use them. They
have the ability to work independently from Mobile Accessibility and both
are powered by Nuance Vocalizer text-to-speech, which comes built-in. 

Web Browser

Main highlights:

*	Can be set as the global web browser so that, when you open links
from other apps like Email, SMS, Twitter or News reader, the Web Browser
will appear in the list of available web browsers which can complete the
action, therefore allowing you to choose it or even set it as the default
web browser. Note for users of Mobile Accessibility: Code Factory has also
released an updated version of Mobile Accessibility which includes this

*	Provides touch access to all webpage content as well as the menu.  

*	Features touch screen gestures that you are already accustomed to on
other mobile device platforms. The simple gestures like slides in arrow
directions allow you to navigate, while double tap performs the enter

*	Features a virtual keyboard which allows you to enter text directly
from the touchscreen. Therefore your choice of Android phone is not limited
only to devices with a physical keyboard. 

*	Includes a speech recognition feature which makes entering text
easier and faster. 

*	Long press on the menu key allows you to select on the fly the seven
most used web element jump modes (by words, characters, headings, lists,
tables, forms or links). 

*	In the navigation menu, you can access the complete list of 26 jump
modes to search for specific web elements on the page (jump by characters,
words, sentences, links, non-links, in-page links, tables and lists, lists,
tables, same control, different control, graphical control, forms, editors,
buttons, checkbox and radio button, combo box and list box, headings and
frames, headings, frames, paragraphs and block quotes, paragraphs, block
quotes, 2%, 5% and 10%). 

*	Provides comprehensive reading options for web page content and form
text like “read from top” or “read from cursor”. 

*	“Search within page” feature. 

*	Option to navigate back and forth through the web history. 

*	“Read summary” and “read title” options. 

*	Reload page or stop download.

To hear the web browser in action, listen to the 10-minute audio demo
recorded by beta tester Carlos Palomino

Music Player

Code Factory is also introducing a new accessible Android app which was not
yet available with Mobile Accessibility, a music player. The Music Player is
designed with the objective of simplicity. Its user interface is very
intuitive and you won’t need any training to get started and start listening
to your music. The player automatically lists all the music files that are
installed on the memory card of the phone and can sort them by Artists and

How to get these apps

Both applications support all Android phones from version 2.1 and above.
Please note that voice recognition is only supported with version 2.2 and

You can purchase the Web Browser at 19.99 US Dollars and the Music Player at
5.99 US Dollars directly from the Market application of your Android phone,
or from the web page:

Web Browser

*	US English:

*	UK English:

Music Player

*	US English:

*	UK English:

To learn how to use the Web Browser and the Music Player applications,
please consult the user guides at
http://www.codefactory.es/en/manuals.asp?id=89#family_ma. For technical
assistance, please submit a ticket through Code Factory’s Help Desk at

About Code Factory

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Terrassa (Barcelona), Spain, Code
Factory is the global leader committed to the development of products
designed to eliminate barriers to the accessibility of mobile technology for
the blind and visually impaired. Today, Code Factory is the leading provider
of screen readers, screen magnifiers, and Braille interfaces for the widest
range of mainstream mobile devices. Among Code Factory's customers are well
known organizations for the blind such as ONCE, and carriers such as AT&T,
Bouygues Telecom, SFR, TIM and Vodafone.

For more information, feel free to contact Code Factory S.L.:

Code Factory, S.L., Rambla d'Egara 148 2-2, 08221 Terrassa (Barcelona)
HelpDesk <http://www.codefactory.cat/helpdesk/> , www.codefactory.es
Code Factory, S.L. - 2011 

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