[nfbwatlk] 1st time convention atendee, Thanks NFB

Julie Warrington jdwtlc at frontier.com
Fri Jul 15 18:48:16 UTC 2011

Hello my fellow federationists.  
took me all week to recoup both at home and at work but wanted to post a thank you to all.
This past week I attended  my first convention in Orlando.  This was an incredible experience! 
Also wanted to thank all of those I may have either bumped into, had a chance to chat  with or apologize to those I wasn't able to catch up with.
Thanks to our state affiliate and the Kenneth Jernigan  for the scholarship funds that allowed my participation possible.
I enjoyed very much attending meetings, general session  to help me learn more about the NFB goals and philosophy.
Our Dr Maurer  is a very inspirational  speaker.  We actually had many inspirational speakers that shared with us.
I plan to attend next year and as many in the future as possible.   
I found the support, encouragement and Camaraderie  excellent in helping with ones self confidence.
This environment is for sure a true test of mobility skills. A true challenge to learn the layout and to find the correct room in  time for the meeting you were trying to attend. *smile*.  As I was not always as prompt as I had intended when I left my room.

also, hats off to the UPS  volunteers that  kept us all headed in the right direction. These folks were very             helpful without overdoing, and a very friendly beacon in the sea of humanity 
Thanks so very much to the NFB organization and to all  that played a part in this most awesome event.
>From an awe struck new member.  I hope to be able to share with another the same help and generosity that I have been shown.
Thank you,
Julie Warrington / Sno-King chapter 

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