[nfbwatlk] Less than minimum wage ?

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I applaud the NFB'S resolution calling for the elimination of subminimum wage.  This is long o?erdue.  When I worked for Developmental Disabilities, there was a formula to compute productivity relative to wages.  Just as everyone has a right to health care, everyone has a right work and receive enough to support him/herself.  While the minimum wage hardly provides a good living, at least it's a start.


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Minimum wage is hardly a living wage. It is a statement of our cultural values when we say that we only value certain types of work performed by certain people. I do not believe that we should continue as a country to support a policy which came about in the 1930s. Again I think this is a statement of how we value a human being. What is the value of any kind of work?  I am not ready to judge whether one person's work is of a value to allow for a living wage or not.
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> Yes, I agree that there are some people who, due to some really extenuating
> disability, can not produce a product that is not even worth minimum wage

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