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 	 July 2011	  	  	

 Transportation Action!

The Final Decision: Will the County Council Save Metro?

It all comes down to this. On Monday, the King County Council will vote on
whether to save King County Metro.

More than 12,500 people signed petitions and wrote letters to the council
and more than 1,500 people turned out to public hearings. A majority of the
King County Council now supports saving Metro. And yet, we still need one
more vote.

Hold the King County councilmembers accountable.

Attend the council meeting that will decide it all.
3ddTv7Gz%2Fch> now.

We've heard heart-wrenching and terrifying stories about how the bus cuts
will affect real people - the stories that bring tears to our eyes - people
losing jobs, losing access to critical medical care, and being stranded in
their neighborhood. With 190+ bus route cuts significantly hurting 4 out of
5 bus riders, these stories would be the norm, not the exception.

The state legislature gave King County Council one option to this problem:
the "congestion relief charge." It's a two-year stop-gap measure until the
state legislature finds a permanent solution. But the council must adopt it
to save our buses now.

Although a majority of the council supports saving King County Metro, we
need a supermajority to pass the stop-gap measure. Right now, five
councilmembers support saving King County Metro: Larry Phillips, Joe
McDermott, Bob Ferguson, Julia Patterson, and Larry Gossett.

Four councilmembers do not yet support the stop-gap measure: Reagan Dunn,
Jane Hague, Kathy Lambert, and Pete von Reichbauer.  We need to hold them

3ddTv7Gz%2Fch> Attend the decision. Testify. Hold them accountable.

Wm3ddTv7Gz%2Fch> July 25, 3pm
Council Chambers, 10th floor
King County Courthouse
516 Third Ave
Seattle, WA

Together we can win the fight to save our buses!
Andrew Austin 
Field Director 
Transportation Choices Coalition 

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