[nfbwatlk] Activists want world to stop using the 'R' word; Campaign deems term offensive and derogatory

Jedi loneblindjedi at samobile.net
Fri May 27 18:53:30 UTC 2011

The activists are right about one thing though. The treatment of the 
disabled in general is a social justice issue just as much as racism 
and sexism are (for example).


Original message:
> I agree that becoming thin skinned and taking offense at everything is an
> unproductive way to live.  That's one of my problems with some of the
> convolutions many groups go through concerning language.

> I also believe strongly in public education.  Most people genuinely want to
> treat others with dignity and respect.  (I exempt almost all adolescent boys
> from this generalization. Grin!) Sometimes all of us fail to treat others
> who are different from us in the way they would like because of what we
> don't know about them.
> I remember volunteering at a Jewish nursing home and being served roast beef
> for lunch.  I asked for a glass of milk and horrified those around me.  I
> didn't know at that time that meat and dairy were not to be served at the
> same time in a Kosher home.  A few people were offended.  Others simply
> informed me about Kosher rules, which led to an interesting discussion that
> taught me a lot.  Now I know that there's no such thing as a Kosher
> cheeseburger.  I hadn't intended to give offense; I just didn't know
> anything.  All of us are ignorant on many subjects; we just differ on the
> subject where we're ignorant.  Being ignorant is not an offensive
> circumstance.  Deliberately remaining ignorant does reflect badly on the
> person who makes that choice.
> Dr. Jernigan used to talk about being uninsultable.  His view is that we
> should never take offense or feel personally humiliated by what others
> thought or said or did about us.  If the ignorance we faced was genuine not
> knowing, our job was to educate.  If policies or practices based on
> ignorance did not change after education, our job was to use whatever lawful
> means at our disposal to change those policies and practices.  But taking it
> personally was never part of the plan.  He used to say, "If a snake is about
> to bite you, you have to kill the snake, but you should love the snake even
> while you're killing it."  Fat lot of good that does to the snake that gets
> killed, but it does a lot of good for us to continue to love those who treat
> us badly because of their misconceptions about blindness (or because of any
> other reason when you get down to it.)  "Love the snake," is the bumper
> sticker form of the Beatitudes.

> Two pieces of our literature come to mind when I think about this subject.
> Blindness: Is the Public Against Us is one.  The other is our resolution on
> politically correct language.  Here are links for anyone who wants to read
> or reread these items.

> http://www.nfb.org/Images/nfb/Publications/convent/banque75.htm

> http://www.nfb.org/Images/nfb/Publications/vodold/vsum9812.htm

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> I personally think that we live in a weak world where people are looking for
> anything to be offended by.  It is a very interesting Sociological
> experiment to take on.  If you go to other countries, especially 3rd World
> countries, you will not find this politically correct world.  You will not
> find a million lawsuits going on.  You will just find people who are busy
> about their work and kids with smiles on their faces.  Not all....but the
> majority.  It seems that we are spoiled rotten brats here in America and
> throughout the western world.  We have so much that we have no real
> appreciation for things.

> Personally, I value all of God's creation.  People are people and they are
> going to make huge deals out of anything they can to bring themselves
> attention.  I find it peaceful to just ignore them.  Again, I will say, "It
> does not matter to me what others think of me!"  "None of them created me
> and none of them can save me from an eternity in Hell!"  As for me and my
> house, we will serve the Lord and be defined by what God says I am.  God
> does not create junk.  I am not a piece of garbage.  I am not less of a man
> because of a physical or mental or emotional defect.  I was created with a
> destiny andpurpose.  Therefore, I will do something great with my life. I
> will leave a living legacey of hope and promise in my children and all who I
> spend time with.

> I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! (Philippians 4:13).
> If you don't believe me, just go to my website and see that I have no fear
> because I serve the great and mighty God who conquered fear.

> Have an amazing day!
> Rick WIllison
> www.tjmi.net

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