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Greetings, Fellow Federationists.

I now have tickets for the iPod 64G drawing to benefit the NFB of
Washington; the drawing will occur at the NFB convention in Orlando at noon
on Friday, July 8. I will endeavor to get tickets to NFBW chapter presidents
or their representatives during the next five days.

The tickets will be $5 each or 5 for $20. The tickets come in bundles of 15.
Each ticket has a place for the purchaser's name, email address and/or
telephone number. It is the responsibility of those who sell tickets to
ensure that the tickets are fully filled out and accompanied by payment,
preferably cash although checks made out to the NFB of Washington or NFBW
are acceptable. We don't want to end up with extra money we cannot attribute
to purchase of tickets or, worse yet, have a winning ticket stub which has
no name, phone number or email address on it so we couldn't send the winner
the iPod.

Each chapter president should designate someone who will be attending the
convention whose responsibility it will be to bring all stubs of tickets
purchased before the convention to Orlando to be placed in the hat. I will
designate someone at the convention to whom filled-out ticket stubs and cash
should be brought; we'll work out the logistics of this as the convention
draws nigh. Each chapter president should designate a person to whom all
ticket sale moneys should be given who will, in turn, see to it that this
money is given to Doug Johnson, treasurer of the NFB of Washington. If
anyone wishes to work out an alternate arrangement with Doug, that's fine
also; what is important is that Doug will be propitiated by cash/checks from
tickets sales so that his wrath will not descend upon us all! (smile)

Happy listening/selling, everyone!

Michael Freeman, President

National Federation of the blind of Washington

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