[nfbwatlk] one, only one

Humberto Avila avila.bert.humberto2 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 02:47:52 UTC 2012

"One is the loneliest number that could ever do."


What is up, my friends from the at large chapter of the NFBW? I was the only
one, the only one that joined the at large call yesterday. I felt speechless
at the statistic of yesterday night. Three actual registered NFBW board
members, Mike Freeman, Bennet Prows, Marcy Carpenter. 

At large chapter meeting attendees: Humberto Avila. 1 of 1. To move to an
item press the arrow keys. * Smile! *


Where are the rest of my at large chapter fellow members? I can understand
maybe it wasn't really a good night to put a conference call meeting.
Everyone was probably busy with family matters? Sunday football? I can
understand that. Yet we were four people only speaking on our cellphones
into the phone line. I really thought we were going to have more, or even,
we could have had more members of the board joining in into the call. But
nevertheless, I also had things to do that night, but I did it. I joined the
call. We were talking about the amazon protest coming up this Wednesday,
among other things.


Just wanted to update you on this and find out where the rest of the at
large community of the NFB of Washington is going with this. I'll see you
around for next calls.

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