[nfbwatlk] one, only one

Julie Warrington jdwtlc at frontier.com
Tue Dec 11 15:59:45 UTC 2012

I am so sorry. I totally forgot once again. I need someone to text me as a 
reminder or something. Or, maybe I will learn to  put an alert on my phone 
when the meeting has been set.
I planned to attend but forgot about it. I get my NFB mail stuff at work and 
never see it on the weekend.
sorry for leaving you being the only one to attend.
smile. next time!
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> "One is the loneliest number that could ever do."
> What is up, my friends from the at large chapter of the NFBW? I was the 
> only
> one, the only one that joined the at large call yesterday. I felt 
> speechless
> at the statistic of yesterday night. Three actual registered NFBW board
> members, Mike Freeman, Bennet Prows, Marcy Carpenter.
> At large chapter meeting attendees: Humberto Avila. 1 of 1. To move to an
> item press the arrow keys. * Smile! *
> Where are the rest of my at large chapter fellow members? I can understand
> maybe it wasn't really a good night to put a conference call meeting.
> Everyone was probably busy with family matters? Sunday football? I can
> understand that. Yet we were four people only speaking on our cellphones
> into the phone line. I really thought we were going to have more, or even,
> we could have had more members of the board joining in into the call. But
> nevertheless, I also had things to do that night, but I did it. I joined 
> the
> call. We were talking about the amazon protest coming up this Wednesday,
> among other things.
> Just wanted to update you on this and find out where the rest of the at
> large community of the NFB of Washington is going with this. I'll see you
> around for next calls.
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