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Conversations, be they in person, on the phone, or by email or snailmail are 
all helpful.  That is quite a bit of what I do, mostly by email and online. 
Anything that helps people find us and think differently about blindness 
issues is a good thing!  Thanks for all of your efforts.

advice from my cats: "meow when you feel like it."
The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be
understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them.
-- Ralph Nichols
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> Last Saturday, December 8, I hosted a cookie exchange targeted at
> students in Washington. I contacted several TVI's and DSB counselors.
> And I personally invited the OTC students.
> I think the day was a great success. Five students traveled from the
> OTC apartments, and 3 TVI's and blindness professionals joined us. I
> heard from one that a few of his students' parents couldn't come but
> are interested in speaking with me, and I definitely look forward to
> hearing from them. At this event, we talked about our event calendar
> and subsequently, two of the students came and protested with us
> today. I am trying to get them to our Seattle chapter party on
> Saturday.
> Anyway, we had a great discussion about why we were protesting Amazon
> and why that issue was specifically student-related. We played an
> icebreaker and got to know each other. We had a really positive time.
> So due to the fact that I know that we can implement successful events
> on a whim, this idea came to me just 3 weeks ago, I look forward to
> continuing this trend. I especially appreciated Mike Mello for
> reserving a room in his apartment building for the event which served
> as a free and central location. And, I would also like to thank Marci
> Carpenter for coming and assisting. We had lots of fun and ate
> delicious cookies. So, I look forward to more of you collaborating
> with me for future events. I look forward to learning about the
> conversations you are having with blind people around you about
> student and young engagement, because like I said at our state
> convention, those conversations are how it all starts. I don't know
> everyone, but we all know some people, and we all can easily talk
> about how the NFB is a life changing organization.
> I am really glad we had this event, and it was a motivator to
> continue. The OTC is interested in having a student seminar-esque day
> during their next term just based on my presentation. So, I plan to
> follow up with the OTC to make sure I am involved. And, the school for
> the blind has expressed interest in me attending a career day that
> they are having in February. Marci and I plan to host a table at the
> Seattle Public Schools organization fair near the beginning of next
> year, and we plan to table a couple of organization days at local
> colleges to disseminate literature and information about the NFB
> scholarship program. So, those are some upcoming ambitions, and I hope
> to hear from some of you who may wish to help. And I hope that all of
> you assist me by having more conversations with more people.
> -- 
> Cindy Bennett
> B.A. Psychology, UNC Wilmington
> clb5590 at gmail.com
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