[nfbwatlk] FW: NFB-NEWSLINE Mobile Update in App Store Today

Humberto Avila avila.bert.humberto2 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 18:04:01 UTC 2012

From: Scott White [mailto:swhite at nfb.org] 
Sent: Friday, December 28, 2012 6:41 AM
To: Humberto Avila
Subject: NFB-NEWSLINE Mobile Update in App Store Today
Last week an e-mail was accidentally distributed stating that version 2.0 of
our app was available for download from the Apple App Store. Today I have
confirmed that the updated version 2.0 of NFB-NEWSLINE Mobile is currently
available in the App Store ready for download. Please read below for further
We are pleased to announce that NFB-NEWSLINE® Mobile App 2.0 is now in the
Apple App Store for you to download. We have made several improvements and
smoothed out some of the bugs that appeared after the iOS 6.0 update was
released by Apple. Now you should have a better user experience and access
to some of the other information provided by NFB-NEWSLINE.
Now you can receive your emergency weather alerts right on your iPhone with
the NFB-NEWSLINE Mobile App. If there is a weather alert for your area, and
your address and zip code is up to date on your NFB-NEWSLINE® account, you
will hear a message saying “weather alert” when you launch your
NFB-NEWSLINE® Mobile app, and you will feel your iPhone vibrate. Just
double tap on the weather alert button when you hear the alert, and you can
read the entire weather alert on your iPhone. Please keep in mind that only
the iPhone will vibrate, since only the iPhone has the built-in vibration
motor. Those of you running the NFB-NEWSLINE® Mobile App on an iPad or an
iPod will only receive the voice alert without the vibration. If you want to
get just the vibration alert without the voice alert, you can turn off the
voice alert for weather alerts in the settings menu. If you need to update
your address and zip code, you can call 1-866-504-7300, or e-mail
<mailto:nfbnewsline-ios at nfb.org> nfbnewsline-ios at nfb.org.
We have also added a Messages section, so that you may read the latest
announcements and information that we post on NFB-NEWSLINE. We put up
messages from time to time to inform our subscribers about latest
enhancements and changes to NFB-NEWSLINE, and these can be read from the
Messages section in the NFB-NEWSLINE® Mobile App. The Messages button will
appear under the welcome message on your home screen. Please note that
messages will only appear if you have active Internet service through a
Wi-Fi connection or your mobile carrier. You can also read more extensively
about these new changes and enhancements to NFB-NEWSLINE® in the Messages
We have made other small improvements and changes to the NFB-NEWSLINE®
Mobile App that will enhance your user experience. For example, now you can
update your subscriptions in the subscriptions section without any problems,
and the jump to channel on-screen keyboard in the TV listings has been
improved so that now you get the numeric keypad when typing in a channel
number instead of the full QWERTY keyboard. 
Once again, we would like to remind you that we have added two new
publications in a new category labeled Breaking News Online. These are the
Huffington Post, a very well-known online site, and CNN, which is part of
Turner Broadcasting SystemÂ’s cable news network. 
The Breaking News Online category can be found by first selecting the
Publications button off the home screen of the app, and then selecting
Publication Options toward the bottom of the screen. Finally, select the
Publication Groups button to see a list of available groups including the
new Breaking News Online category. Optionally, to add the online breaking
news publications to your favorites list or your subscriptions list on the
NFB-NEWSLINE® App, just go to Settings, and then select either Manage
Favorites or Manage Subscriptions, depending on which you want to add it to,
then select either the Add to Favorites button at the bottom of the screen,
or the Add to Subscriptions button, and pick the publication that you want
to add from the list.
In order to update your NFB-NEWSLINE® App, just go to the App store, then
to the Updates tab, and you should see NFB-NEWSLINE® Mobile as one of the
applications listed as ready to update. Select the update button, and it
should start to download the new version of the app on to your device.
Please enjoy the new enhancements to the NFB-NEWSLINE® Mobile App, and give
us your feedback by e-mail at  <mailto:swhite at nfb.org> swhite at nfb.org, or
call our comment line at 410-505-5896 and leave us a voice message.

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