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Here is the prompt response I received from Rep. Wylie regarding the state transportation budget. 

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As a former transit lobbyist I also agree that additional funding for public transportation and a better balance in our approach to transportation funding is important. I will be advocating for that approach.  You probably know that I am a strong proponent for preserving the light rail component to our I-5 bridge. 




Sharon Wylie 

State Representative 

49th Legislative District - Vancouver 

Olympia, WA  98504-0600 



Sharon.Wylie at leg.wa.gov 


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Subject: Constituent: State Budget for Public Transit Funding 




TO:  Representative Sharon Wylie 


FROM: Miss Julie  Goldbeck(Constituent) 



1806 NE 112th St Apt 3 

Vancouver, WA 98686-4017 


E-MAIL:  goldbeckjm at comcast.net 


PHONE:  (360) 573 - 1194 


SUBJECT:  State Budget for Public Transit Funding 




January 14, 2012 

Dear Rep. Wylie: 

This past Tuesday, Gov. Gregoire proposed a $3.6 billion transportation package that dedicates 72% to roads and 4% to transit.  Amazingly, this is a step forward from the past but well short of being balanced.  The legislature is now set to consider this proposal. 


>From 2001 to 2009, the number of trips that Americans age 50+ took on public transportation went up 81%.(Source AARP Magazine) 


I am legally blind and depend on public transit to get to work, medical appointments, the grocery store, etc. so funding for public transit is very important to me.  As the baby boomer generation ages they will need a quality public transit system they can depend on to remain independent. 


The current transportation budget is unfairly balanced.  I ask that you send this proposal back to the governor and ask her to dedicate more than 4% to transit.  An investment in transit is an investment in our community and our disabled and elderly citizens. 



Julie Goldbeck 


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