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Subject: Your 2012 election news is here!


Your 2012 election news is here!


We are pleased to inform you about the addition of Election News and
Information to the NFB-NEWSLINE telephone service and Web News on Demand.
Now, NFB-NEWSLINE subscribers can listen to information from each of the
presidential and vice-presidential candidates on their policies on
education, economy and jobs, energy and environment, equal rights,
healthcare, national security, and taxes.  The information on the policies
of each of the candidates is taken from their own official campaign websites
and put on NFB-NEWSLINE to provide access for our subscribers.  


We have also created a customized newspaper and magazine publication
containing articles, based on a search of the most popular newspapers and
magazines for both the Democratic and Republican candidates  


The newspaper search has been done by using the names of the candidates, and
it has been limited to the top fifty newspapers to make it more manageable.
The list containing the top fifty newspapers used in performing this search
is at the bottom of this announcement for your reference.  The list of
newspaper articles is divided into two issues:  one containing articles from
today's newspapers, and another containing articles from yesterday's
newspapers.  The articles are listed in chronological order, so that the
most recent articles are on the top of the list, and those that were
published earlier are toward the bottom of the list.  


There is also a separate list of searched magazine articles about the two
presidential candidates containing the articles from the most recent
magazine publications.  


To read election news on the telephone service, press the number 5 key in
the main menu to select the option "to read newspapers in a different
state."  Then press 1 on the keypad to select "2012 Election News."  Next
there will be a list with the following options: 

To select the candidate for president, Democrat Barack Obama, press 1.  

To select the candidate for president, Republican Mitt Romney, press 2.  

To select the candidate for vice-president, Democrat Joe Biden, press 3.  

To select the candidate for vice-president, Republican Paul Ryan, press 4.  

To select the daily newspaper search results for Obama, press 5.  

To select the daily newspaper search results for Romney, press 6.  


Press the number 9 key to move to the next two items in the list in order to
read the magazine articles.  You will see the following two options: 

To select the magazine search results for Obama, press 1.  

To select the magazine search results for Romney, press 2.  


Once you make your selection in this menu, you will be taken to the next
menu containing the list of the searched articles, or the sections
containing articles pertaining to different issues, such as healthcare,
homeland security, or education.  


The searched articles list can be searched even further for specific
phrases.  For example, to find all the articles about Colorado in the list
of newspaper articles for president Obama, one may press the pound key twice
to start a new search.  Each letter is typed by pressing two digits: For
example, 01 for the letter a, 02 for the letter b, 26 for the letter z and
so on.  Press pound (#) once to get typing help.  Once you type your search
term, "Colorado," NFB-NEWSLINE will bring up all the occurrences of
"Colorado" in the list of articles, and it will list them for you so that
you may go through and read those specific articles.  Press the number 3 key
to go to the next article containing your search phrase, and press the
number 1 key to go back to the previous article.  


A new feature has been introduced to assist you in managing a large number
of articles!  You may press the number 1 key to circle back to the end of
the list of articles.  This feature is especially useful when you have a
list of 200 articles and you want to go all the way to the end of the list
without having to press the number 3 key repeatedly.  For example, if
NFB-NEWSLINE tells you that there are 200 articles in a section and you want
to go to article 198, then you would press the number 1 key three times
after hearing the system state that it was reading article 1.  


Those who want to do their own search for a topic and see all the
occurrences of an article in all the different publications may do their own
global search by typing their search terms.  The global-search feature can
be used by pressing 0 from the main menu, followed by number 4, and then 8,
to create a new content search.  You may type your search term by pressing
01 for the letter a, 02 for the letter b, 26 for the letter z, and so on.
The first time you search for a term, it will be added to your list of
terms, so that you don't have to type it again in the future.  When you are
in typing mode, you may press the pound key once to get typing help.  When
you are finished typing your search term, just dial 99 to start your search.


Election News is also available on the NFB-NEWSLINE iPhone app.  It can be
accessed under the publications option by selecting Publication Groups and
then selecting 2012 Presidential Election.  You may also read election
information on Web News on Demand at www.nfbnewsline.org.  


NFB-NEWSLINE is not responsible for the content of the material posted in
its Election News section and does not support or promote any view of any
candidate.  The purpose of this additional service is to provide existing
news and information to subscribers in an accessible format.  Enjoy the
Election News service, and have fun reading about your favorite candidate.  





NFB-NEWSLINE National and Top Fifty Newspapers
Being Used to Compile the Candidate Search Results


National Newspapers: 

1.            Associated Press

2.            The Christian Science Monitor

3.            The New York Times

4.            UPI NEWS Press

5.            USA Today

6.            The Wall Street Journal


Top Fifty Newspapers by Circulation Ratings: 

1.            The Wall Street Journal

2.            USA Today

3.            The New York Times

4.            Los Angeles Times

5.            San Jose Mercury News

6.            The Washington Post

7.            Daily News

8.            New York Post

9.            Chicago Tribune

10.          Chicago Sun-Times

11.          The Dallas Morning News

12.          Houston Chronicle

13.          Philadelphia Inquirer

14.          The Arizona Republic

15.          The Denver Post

16.          Newsday

17.          Star Tribune

18.          Tampa Bay Times

19.          The Oregonian

20.          The Plain Dealer

21.          The Seattle Times

22.          Detroit Free Press

23.          San Francisco Chronicle

24.          The Star-Ledger

25.          The Boston Globe

26.          The San Diego Union-Tribune

27.          The Sacramento Bee

28.          The Kansas City Star

29.          St. Louis Post-Dispatch

30.          The Baltimore Sun

31.          Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

32.          St. Paul Pioneer Press

33.          Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

34.          Orlando Sentinel

35.          Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

36.          The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

37.          The Orange County Register

38.          Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

39.          The Indianapolis Star

40.          South Florida Sun-Sentinel

41.          The Miami Herald

42.          Las Vegas Review-Journal

43.          The Tampa Tribune

44.          The Cincinnati Enquirer

45.          The Record

46.          The Charlotte Observer

47.          The Buffalo News

48.          The Virginian-Pilot

49.          The Courier-Journal

50.          Fort Worth Star-Telegram


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