[nfbwatlk] What do you think about this?

debby phillips semisweetdebby at gmail.com
Sun Oct 7 09:15:38 UTC 2012

hi Lauren, yes!  Exactly!  I could hardly read the rest of the 
article because I was so ticked off about the valley of the 
blind.  No wonder we still have trouble with the public's 
attitudes and employers not wanting to hire us, and abbl the 
rest, with attitudes like that.  I grew up thinking that the 
"print students" is what they were called at the school for the 
blind, were better than me.  To have sight would be the solution 
to all my problems.  So many of us had that attitude, I think.  
My pastor told me the other night that he hopes ! I get to the 
place where I can say that being blind is beautiful.  Interesting 
concept.  Definitely not there yet.    Peace,    Debby

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