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Mon Aug 5 22:12:01 UTC 2013


I passed this flyer around a while ago, but we are running another
session of the research study, so I thought I’d pass it around once
more in case anyone else is interested. The flyer is pasted below.



My name is Cynthia Bennett. I am a Research Assistant in Computer
Science and Engineering at the University of Washington. We are
currently working on the “Tactile Graphics with a Voice” project:
converting textbook graphics into tactile graphics with embedded QR
codes for the text labels. QR codes are barcodes that contain textual
information that can be scanned by a smartphone application. We are
looking for adults who identify as either blind or low vision who are
interested in participating in a user study to see what types of
feedback provided by a smartphone application are most helpful in
guiding users to scan the QR codes.

The study will consist of six 30-minute sessions held on the
University of Washington campus. If it is difficult to get to the
campus, you can indicate this and some locations that would be easier
for you to meet with a researcher, and we may be able to accommodate
you. The six sessions must be scheduled between the dates of Monday,
August 12, and Friday, August 23. During study sessions, participants
will scan a series of QR codes on tactile graphics and answer simple
questions about the graphics based on the results of the scan. At the
beginning of the study sessions, participants will be asked to fill
out a survey detailing their experience with tactile graphics,
smartphone applications and QR codes. At the end of each session,
users will be asked questions about their preferences for each of the
types of feedback in a semi-structured interview. The data we collect
from the study will be anonymized and used in future publications.
Participants will be reimbursed at a rate of $30 an hour for their

Participation is strictly voluntary. You may choose to not
participate or to stop the study at any time.

We encourage people of all genders, ethnicities, and familiarity
levels with computers to participate. Please realize that it is only
the technology we are testing, not you!

If you are interested in participating in our study, ”Tactile Graphics
with a Voice”, please contact one of our grad students, Lauren Milne
directly by phone at (505)220-5996, or by email at
milnel2 at cs.washington.edu or Catherine Baker at
cmbaker at cs.washington.edu. (Please note that we cannot guarantee the
confidentiality of email.). You may also contact the University of
Washington Human Subjects Division at (206)543-0098 if you have any
questions about your rights as a subject.


Lauren, Catherine, and Cynthia
Computer Science and Engineering
University of Washington
Paul Allen Center
Seattle, WA 98195-2840

Cindy Bennett
Secretary: National Association of Blind Students

B.A. Psychology, UNC Wilmington
clb5590 at gmail.com

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