[nfbwatlk] [DISABILITY] IMPORTANT: Fwd:Recruiting Consultants with Disability and Cultural Expertise

Debby Phillips semisweetdebby at gmail.com
Fri Aug 30 23:49:02 UTC 2013

Hi, doing some email catch up, if only I can stay awake!  I 
graduated and have my bell, first of all!  I'm so glad to have 
those grad requirements behind me!  Second, I will be moving to 
Spokane by myself for a bit, as Craig will still be caring for 
his mom until something else can be arranged, and also we are 
looking for a house to buy.  It will be good to be in Spokane!  
But I am needing to look for a place to stay, as I have an 
internship teaching Braille to blind adults at the Inland 

We had a One Touch self-defense class a couple weeks ago.  
Practicing what I have learned is a problem, so I'm wondering if 
we might get some kind of self-defense class in Spokane for blind 
women.  And men too if they want.  Will call you later today, 
Maria.    Peace,    Debby

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