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January 2013 Newsletter
Take charge with confidence and self-reliance
Message from the Director 
Civil rights, taking equal responsibility and having the opportunity to
compete in all aspects of life is what we stand for at the Colorado Center
for the Blind. Each year we look forward to celebrating our accomplishments
in these areas by marching in the second largest Marade (march plus parade)
in the country on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  This year all of our staff
and students took the bus to downtown Denver and prepared to walk with
thousands of others who were also celebrating.  The weather was beautiful
and the energy was high.  We walked a couple of miles among people who were
singing, chanting, playing instruments and recognizing how far we have come.
Every day we work together to move forward as blind people!  We are making
great progress and will continue to.    
Program Notes
We gather in our gym on Tuesdays at 5:00 pm to play goalball with blind
students of any age.  Goalball is a fun and exhilarating game that takes
toughness and skill.  Anyone can learn how to play.  This week was a lot of
fun for everyone.
To join us for goalball, call Brent Batron, Youth Services Coordinator, at
303-778-1130 ext. 222 and sign up!
Without Braille a blind person cannot read.  We love to promote Braille!
This month Brent Batron, Jessica Beecham and several students participated
in the Braille Challenge at the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind.
Nothing is more fun than seeing kids get excited when they learn to read and
realize that they can enjoy a book, write down information and have fun with
Braille.  We plan to do more in the area of Braille very soon!  
Independence Training Program
Matt from Canada had not been skiing for several years and he wondered if he
would remember how to turn, go on the ski lift and fall the right way.  Matt
was a bit nervous at first.  After a Center ski day, he reported that he
only fell three times and that he was exhilarated at the end of the day.
Matt understands now why we emphasize challenge recreation as part of our
program here.  He explained that he did not like rock climbing, but feels so
accomplished that he pushed himself to do this and so many other things
since he has been in Colorado.  Matt plans to finish his program in a month.
He will share an apartment with his sister and attend school.  He has the
confidence to try anything now and this will get him a very long way in his
Our Senior Program is filled with creativity and vitality.  This month the
seniors participated in technology classes.  Everyone loved learning about
the iPhone and the iPad.  They saw what can be done and are eager to learn
more.  A demonstration was given on script talk which is a way to make
medication labels accessible.  One of our seniors signed up for the program
immediately after the demonstration.
On Tuesday of this week, the male seniors prepared chili and corn bread for
the women.  Everyone agreed that the chili was some of the best that they
had tasted.  The men gained culinary experience, chopping, measuring, using
a cook top and doing so much more.  Of course, the women loved being waited
Senior groups are available weekly.  For more information, please call
Duncan Larsen at 303-778-1130 extension 226.
Upcoming Events:
January 22-February 26:  Youth goalball for 6 weeks
We will conduct a 6 week goalball clinic in conjunction with USABA.  This
clinic will be held every Tuesday from 4:30 - 6:30 pm beginning on January
22nd.  We will learn the rules of the game, practice drills and play games.
There is no charge for this activity but please plan on participating in all
6 dates.
February 16th 10 am-noon:  NFB of Colorado Denver Chapter meeting at the
To refer someone who is interested in training, please call Robert Dyson at
303-778-1130 extension 249.
If you have items for the newsletter, please send them to
<mailto:ccb at cocenter.org> ccb at cocenter.org.
Please note that my email address has changed to:
<mailto:csprague at cocenter.org> csprague at cocenter.org
Carol Sprague
Administrative Coordinator
Colorado Center for the Blind
2233 W. Shepperd Ave.
Littleton, CO  80120
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Take charge with confidence and self-reliance
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