[nfbwatlk] To audio describe the education video? Word not to audio describe an educational video?

maurice mines kd0iko at icloud.com
Tue Feb 12 19:25:53 UTC 2013

Good morning everybody. I was asked this morning if we should take the time to add a video description track to an educational video that we did in regards to the math accessibility study that I participated in late last year and early this year? I have a pretty good idea of how I should answer this question, but I'm wondering what the rest of you guys think is an appropriate thing to do here? I will read your answers and your thoughtful attention to be answered that I will give sometime shortly before the noon hour tomorrow. I look forward to reading all of your answers. Thank you all in advance, and have an outstanding day. PS the video will hopefully be released on YouTube either Friday or next Tuesday.Sincerely Maurice mines secretary national Federation of the blind of Washington Clark County chapter. Amateur radio call sign kd0iko.

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