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Becky Frankeberger b.butterfly at comcast.net
Sat Feb 23 03:16:25 UTC 2013

We went through a puddle on Route 28 in Pittsburgh. We sat powerless in the
middle of rush hour unable to move our car even to drift over to the side of
the highway to get out of the way as everything locked up. Fortunately for
us after a few moments the car came back on and we were able to continue our
trip. Trains have the same problem as our car.  They can't ride through
puddles or everything will shut down.  Is this something the driverless car
folks have taken into consideration and what they tell us blind drivers to
do if the power goes out?  Also, a friend of mine electric car motor thing
did not shut off.  So when he got to get off the fairy here in Seattle he
could not move his car as the battery was dead. 

Do we take out the phone take a picture then ask where the blazes we are if
the car just dies? 

Hey I am all for us blind driving.  I have enjoyed the demonstrations, the
zeal of doing normal things like take your family for a drive.  I just don't
know where the technology is with Touraine around the country plus of course
weather conditions.  Would the car stop or make us avoid something it sees
as an obstacle when all it is was a snow ball clump in the road, which of
course a car can easily go over and does not have to avoid. With the kids
getting drunk and laying in the road on the white lines normally, would the
car distinguish between a tree branch and an arm in the road? 

Just asking how sophisticated the soft ware is? 



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Google's driverless cars have logged hundreds of thousands of miles without
an accident. Yet state legislators are hard at work creating new licensing
that would require the vehicle operator to be otherwise qualified to drive.
Setting aside the technical and safety questions as not yet answerable; I
wonder if the NFB and similar organizations will weigh in on behalf of what
could be a partial answer to transportation needs.

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