[nfbwatlk] MLB.com and Ios devices

Mary ellen gabias at telus.net
Tue Feb 26 21:18:50 UTC 2013

Iff you're a baseball fan and use an IPhone or IPod, you can save yourself
some money by dropping your MLB.com "Game Day Audio" subscription and
signing up for the At Bat 13 app on your Apple device.  The Game Day"
subscription on the computer does not permit you to access the IPhone app,
but the IPhone app does permit you to listen to games on your computer.  I
don't know how it works for other subscriptions, since I always have gotten
the $19.95 "Game Day Audio."


I'm astonished at how easy the IPod app is to navigate.  


The start of spring training reminds me that the world will not always be
cold and gray!  Persephone will return from Hades and the Earth will bloom

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