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I am no expert here. Hence, take my opinions with a lot of salt.

First, almost everything having to do with disabilities and housing comes
under the aegis of the Fair Housing Act rather than the ADA. In fact, what
your landlord is obligated to tell you comes either under the Fair Housing
Act if the apartment complex is large enough or under local ordinances. BTW,
have you called Mary Willows of the NFB of California? I'm certain she'll be
far more "up" on CA law than am I.

Second, even if ADA *does* have something to say, I don't think housing is
considered a "place of public accommodation" as covered by Title III of ADA.
And, frankly, even if there is coverage, you're better off just arranging
your own reader whom you trust to read documents for you.

Perhaps Noel Nightingale or Ben Prows would want to weigh in on this one but
you'll have to wait till Monday for their responses.

Again, I strongly urge you to contact the NFB of California as there may be
local laws that will give you more avenues of redress than Federal law does.

Mike Freeman

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I am suddenly having my lease terminated and they will not tell me why.
They say they are not obligated to tell me.  Is this really true?  Also, in
looking for a new apt, several complexes say they can't fill out my
application for me.  Isn't this a reasonable accommodation of the ADA?  Is
there someone who can tell me chapter and verse of the ADA that speaks to
housing issues, particularly filling out applications?  I seem to be hitting
brick walls all over the place.  Maybe if I lived in San Francisco or
Berkeley they'd know better???

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